Ethel Phillips 8th G Grad

This is a picture of the Ethel Phillips Elementary 8th grade graduation in 1957.

Following are the students that graduated from McClatchy in 1961 that I can remember:

Sandy Bedrosian, Barbara Cole, Jackie Correia, Susie Coyne, Patsy DeStefano, Velma Dodds, Charles Donaldson, Marvin Fletcher, Barbara Groppi, Bill and Carolyn Hagen, Doug Hogue, Howard and John Jensen, Richard Kellogg, Dwight Krieger, Jim Krause, Wendy Lai, Mike Manski, Selma Martin, Carlos Najera, Pat Norvall, Leo Plumley, Eileen Pope, Joan Richardson, Judy Schultz, Dana Youngblood, Bob Neep, Mina Yanez