Joining Site Instruc


Basic Process for Signing into your Web Site

1.  First thing to do to join your classmates on this site is to determine if you name is on the class list.  Go to "Classmate Profiles" look at the list. If you are not on the list, click "Contact Us" put in your information and the administrator will put your name on the list.  Once your name is on the list, go back to "Classmate Profiles and fill in your profile and contact data.  Take the extra effort to round out your profile, put in more detail rather than less and get those pictures uploaded to the site.  Set your password.  Also, in this area, this is the first place you should indicate whether or not your plan to be "Attending the Reunion". (More on this below) - "Save" your information.

2.   Next click on "Reunion Sign up" see more details on the Reunion and especially edit the segment toward the bottom on Registration Details.  Here you indicate how many of you intend to attend.  This allows us to get a better count of expected attendance than the process listed above.

3.  Once your committee finishes the planning process, we will more fully outline expected events, finish budgeting, set pricing and available mechanisms for payment.  The details for this will be set forth in the "Registration Form" line item.  Please come back periodically and see how we are doing.  Once we complete it, you can print it out.

Other Processes

--  Please help us get the e-mail addresses and contact information for "Missing Classmates" Hopefully, you will see on the list there one or more of the classmates for whom you have contact information that we don't have.  If it is just the e-mail information you are providing, please put it in the space provided for that when you click on that classmates' name.  Otherwise, please provide more complete information by putting the classmate and his information in a e-mail to us through "Contact Us".

-- If you know the name of any classmate who has died since attending McClatchy, please click on the "In Memory" item and go to "Click Here" and provide the information.

Please keep coming back and revisit the site.  There will always be more and more classmates signing up and more and more information on events as we flesh out the details.

Thanks for visiting.  We all hope to see you soon!