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From:  Barbara Furgason

Paula Hess Mores 5-21-1943 10-13-2-16 During Paula's lite she was a 'Master Quitter' thus she excelled in all things FABRIC. She did beautiful knitting and was great at crochet and lace work. Paula attended C.K.McClatchy High School. and graduated June 1961, got married, and went to work for the Army Depot. Paula retired from the Army Depot, and at one lime, because of her small stature became a highly skilled welder on a "Top Secret" Aero Jet project. At Aero Jet she welded on a propulsion outer space tube for an engine, thus for the time, she was a modern Day Rosie the Welder. Paula leaves three adult children, many grand and great grand children. When any one of us, orders Fish & Chips, at our lunch gatherings, it will be in her honor. Barbara Lynda Diane Alexandra (Sandy) & Genevieve Paula’s friends from high school We have been meeting for lunch monthly for years. She died in the company of family after suffering injuries from a fall in front of her house in Sacramento. I knew her since 7th grade (Barbara). 

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