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Name:  Elaine Liba Rubenstein
[Elaine Liba Weidman
Father:  Weidman
Birth:  30 Jul 1943 - California
Death:  25 Oct 1993 - Sacramento

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02/24/11 04:04 PM #1    

Patricia Clemens

Coming as a new student in the middle of my junior year would have been very difficult if it had not been for Elaine. She was friendly, warm and enthusiastic and made me feel so at home. She had a great sense of humor and included me in so many of her and her family's activities. She teased my father and everyone in my family looked forward to her visits. She went on to marry and become the mother of three girls, staying in Sacramento most of her life. I have deep and loving memories of our times together. Pat Clemens

02/25/11 04:00 PM #2    

Carole Koblik

Elaine and I lived a block apart on Crestwood Way.  We were such close friends that we would ask our mothers, Mimi and Fannie, what was for dinner and then pick where we would eat that night depending on their answers.  Sometimes we switched homes for dessert or ate dessert at both and dieted for a week afterward.  We dieted a lot in those days.


Elaine was my maid of honor at my first wedding in 1965.  When I got out of my wedding dress at the end of the evening, she put it on and it fit perfectly.  She asked to use it at her wedding and I said, "of course."  I remember her complaining about having to stay thin enough to be able to wear it.


Elaine envied me for having a brother.  She enjoyed all his friends who hung out in our pool and stayed for dinner.  She always joked about how he would open a large can of fruit and eat it without thinking to offer her a piece.  Elaine believed in good manners and these guys were not on the same planet.


Marcia McDougall lived close by.  When we watched scary TV programs at her house, her dad would escort us home because we were too terrified to walk alone.  Our friendships were so important to us then.


David Goldstein was a good friend to both of us.  He got his driver's license first and was great about driving us to social events.  He would tell us all kinds of things with a straight face and we would have to figure out if he was kidding or not.  We laughed a lot.


Patsy Clemens came in our junior year and she added a whole new level of hilarity to the mix.  What a carefree, happy time it was.


Elaine had her three girls in her twenties.  I couldn't understand why she wanted a vacation where she could just sit and relax on a beach.  I was hitch hiking around Europe and covering as much territory as possible.  After my daughter was born, I finally got it.


I think of Elaine and our youth and know we shared a special intimacy and an incredible time in our lives.







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