R. Michael McLellan

Profile Updated: July 31, 2016
R. Michael McLellan
Residing In: Tracy, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Marietta Williams - retired teacher
Homepage: drmikeonthego.blogspot.com
Occupation: Ordained Minister and Hospital Chaplain
Family & Children: Katherine Boehringer- Born 1969 - Owner/CEO of Sarison Communications in Portland

Tracy Meurisse More…- Born 1972 - Teacher and School Administrator - Portland

Four grandchildren: 2 x 2
Yes! Attending Reunion
Interests, Accomplishments & Occupational Journey

After graduate school I have served pastorates in Long Beach, Bakersfield, Redmond (OR) and Tracy California. A frequent commencement speaker, I have also served as an adjunct professor and lecturer in business administration and future studies. I have been a counselor and therapist since the 1970’s. One long term activity has been as a weekly columnist to a local newspaper and a contributor to several national publications. My wife and I am currently active in supporting the arts in our community.

Been There and Done That: Remembrances, Life Lessons and Observations:

I am currenty active in the community as a volunteer and work in the Palliative and Spiritual Care Department of Sutter Hospital. I have been a Presbyterian Minister and hospital chaplain since 1969. (I am a Pastor Emeritus of the church.) My hobbies include fused glass art and European and USA travel.

In 2003 I received a Congressional Award for contributions to my profession and community. Volunteering has been important to my wife and I.

I am an unapologetic bleeding-heart liberal.

Most important to me is marrying the right woman -- in 1966-- and being blessed by bright, caring daughters.

We spend 1/3 of our time at our second home in Portland where our children and their children live.

School Memories, & Education Story:

One supposes that a list of class clowns from 1961 would include me. I have not changed much, although after McClatchy, I went to Sacramento City College and then on to Sac State (B.S. in Business and Public Administration.) I went on to receive a Masters in Theology and my Doctorate from the San Francisco Theological Seminary/ Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. While serving larger pastorates, my interests focused on spirituality and healing in medicine and my continuing education has been at Harvard Medical School and USC.

I remember McClatchy and our class fondly and am reminded of "American Graffitti" and the final credits where so many of the students went in surprising directions.
I wish to apologize to all my teachers at McClatchy with the exception of Ed Morrison who helped me develop my career choice.

Travel Experiences?

We have travelled out of the United States for a month each year - especially to Europe - since our daughters got out of college.

If I coulda, I shoulda -- What?: Any Regrets or Play-over wishes?

I missed much of the social life of McClatchy as I was in a huge hurry to grow up. Began working nearly full-time at 16 and dated mostly girls from Bishop Armstrong.
My social life picked up at Sacramento City College and at Sac state (almost too much so).
Started a business while in college, and its sale helped to pay for graduate school.

Bon Mots and Miscellaneous Thoughts. What you might not know is that:

At the age of 35 I caught the bug and became a gym rat and runner. The latter is significant since I did not even enjoy walking anywhere until then.

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