Jeann Scott, Weborg Green

Profile Updated: September 19, 2011
Jeann Scott, Weborg
Residing In: Northstar, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Norman Green
Occupation: Retired Lobbyist for California restaurants.
Family & Children: 2 children: Gary Weborg 1965, and Chris Weborg Hugenroth1968,
3 stepchildren: Jody Green Laugenour, More…Jamie Green, Erik Green
11 grandchildren. Alexa, Erin, Lauren, Emily, Kiara, Kody, John, Jack, Olivia, Heide and Morgan.. Good grief.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Follow Up: Story of My Significant Relationships

Married Tom (Tiger) Weborg in 1963. I left after 14 years.

I was single for 7 years.

At age 40 I married Norm Green. We married in 1983 while our 5 children were all in high school. Chaos and fun. I still can not believe my good fortune. Lucky me.

Interests, Accomplishments & Occupational Journey

Papa, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yoga, Hiking, Reading, Listening, Learning, Bocce Ball, and kayaking.

Have given up skiing and biking.

Been There and Done That: Remembrances, Life Lessons and Observations:

I have suffered from sarcoidosis for 25 years. Horrible disease. Needed corticosteroids for 12 of those years. Main involvement was and is my lungs. Each year I live in the mountains I feel better. I feel great these days as long as I use Oxygen at night. I only need it at high elevations.

Hope you all have experience good health.

School Memories, & Education Story:

Breaking into the River Mansion in the delta with a group of girls. It was unoccupied. Scared ourselves to death. Night watchman was great.

Norm's daughter Jodi, later got married there. It was beautiful. The whole family stayed there and enjoyed the renovation.

Biking with a herd of girls to west sac.

Frat dances in Governor's Hall, KT, water skiing after school with Tom Weborg and Tom Hobday. Football games at Hughs Stadium.Lots of good friends. I have not been good at keeping in touch. Shame on me.

Pat Kleeman and his MGTD.

Travel Experiences?

Italy, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Belgeum, Greece, turkey, Spain, China, Alaska, Panama, Guatamala, Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Western Canada and our southwest and the rockies. Love Santa Fe.

Norm rode his bicycle across the US from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida several years ago. (2007) WHAT A MAN. I drove east at the speed of a covered wagon, carrying supplies. 90 days. It was great, but it was scary to be alone along the border and in some southern towns. We traveled the old, country roads.

If I coulda, I shoulda -- What?: Any Regrets or Play-over wishes?

Yes, YES, but I will keep them to myself.

Bon Mots and Miscellaneous Thoughts. What you might not know is that:

"If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, you are lucky enough."

"Never miss an opportunity to shut up", Mark Twain

I serve on the board of directors for the Northstar community services district, as financial officer. We have two firehouses and are cleaning out our forests as fast as we can. We remove snow in winter and handle utilities and trails for the resort. I love working several days a month. Perfect.

Bucket List?

Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Nova Scotia,
eastern Canada, Eastern USA,

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