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12/14/10 03:37 PM #1    

Dick Miller

Welcome to the McClatchy High School Class Of 1961 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in any discussion.

02/21/11 04:06 PM #2    

Pamela Parish (Belchamber)

Hi Classmates,

It seems like just yesterday! I have really enjoyed the communications from all who have shared your life story--I have thought about many of you over the years.  How do you get all that information into a few paragraphs?  Well, I will try, and include pictures, but not until I return from my most recent travel adventure.  Leaving for Morocco on Monday, and will be gone for a month.  Will be spending some time in London, solo, and have great hotel recommendations from Julie M.  Yes, traveling to North Africa, but remember I live in Berkeley, a hot bed of revolution (mostly talk), so have Burka, will travel.  Looking forward to seeing you all in September, the diet starts now!  Cheers,  Pam (Parish) Belchamber

07/15/11 02:07 PM #3    

Jeann Scott, Weborg (Green)

Wow!  Great to hear that you are still in Berkely.  Enjoy Morrocco.  Still remember your apartment on Riverside and the fire that took it. 

07/25/11 01:23 PM #4    

Stevie Bauer (Anderson)

Stevie Bauer Anderson

Pam, it sounds like you haven't changed one bit. Have a great trip and I will be looking forward seeing you in Sept. Molly and I will be coming together so get ready to catch up.

09/10/11 11:16 PM #5    


Susan Bukey (Sanford)

Hi Pam,  Finally a profile; waiting for a pic.  By the way, Steve Little was my date on the pocket road.   He is the one who pulled us out of the car.  How naive we were.  I remember asking the cops to take me home.  Sorry to not see you at the reunion.  I would still like to get in touch with you.  You'll see on my profile that I had the travel bug too.  Fondly, Susan

09/18/11 06:10 PM #6    

Bob Saunders

Great Reunion, thanks to committee for good planning,  good venue, and very fun CD.  Thanks to everyone for the warm greetings and good conversations. 


Bob Saunders

09/18/11 10:28 PM #7    

Barbara Lurty (Christiansen)

Congratulations to the reunion committee for their hard work and hospitality!  Enjoyed every minute of recognition, hug, reminisce with so many stellar classmates.  Class of '61 is simply the BEST!

09/18/11 10:44 PM #8    

Barbara Reese

What a magical time!

Many thanks to the Committee for your great work. Wonderful to see all of you at the reunion and to share the great stories. Here is to the next time we all get together.

Best always,

Barbara Reese

09/20/11 07:44 PM #9    

Rande Goldberg (Zaretsky)

50th class reunion was terrific in so many ways and thanks to the Committee for making it all possible. It was a wonderful way to make contact with so many important people from our past.......looking forward to the next one! Kindest regards, Rande Goldberg

09/21/11 11:25 AM #10    

Mary Hossack (Rivas)

Thanks to the committee for such a great party.  It was wonderful seeing everyone, especially friends that I haven't been in contact with since graduation.  I understand  there will be another reunion in five years, I hope so.  Maybe I'll have time to see the people I didn't connect with on Saturday.  Thanks again, Mary

09/23/11 02:58 AM #11    


Nola Lancaster (Hall)

Many thanks to the planning committee for our 50th reunion.  You did a very impressive job and I know it took hours and hours of work.  It was great fun seeing classmates and spouses.  Nola Lancaster Hall

09/25/11 11:31 AM #12    

Jo Ann Sheehy (Querin)

Thanks to the committee for the wonderful 50th reunion.  You did great planning and provided us with a magical couple of evenings and days.  Thanks for all your dedication! 

Jo Ann Sheehy Querin

09/26/11 03:58 PM #13    


Nola Lancaster (Hall)

I tried to add a photo to "Old Photos" but I could not figure out how to do it.  If you go to the last picture of my profile you will see a group picture of the cheerleaders and songleaders.

Nola Lancaster Hall

07/24/16 07:35 PM #14    


Dan Proctor


Buddy Harpham passed away this month his service is at 1pm  this Friday 7/28/16 at the Carmichael Elks Club He may have been a teacher to many of you as he was to me.  


07/25/16 08:37 PM #15    


Bea Bell (Pearson)


Buddy had the band that played at Governor's Hall and elsewhere for the dances, did he not? Thanks for letting us alumni know!! I will try to attend!! 🐝Bell Pearson  



07/26/16 04:08 PM #16    

Marcia MacDougall (Streech)

And, Buddy always concluded the evening with "Harlem Nocturne." Remember?  The traditional last dance!

07/27/16 06:04 AM #17    


Gerald (Mike) Magan

I remember what a great time at Buddy's dances. Thanks for the wonderful memories, especially to all my former dance partners. 

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